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Linux - The logical choice for EDA

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AIRE Implementation
Frontend -parser/analyzer/codegen
Waveform Viewer


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Commercial EDA software for Linux

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A project to develop a free, open source, GPL'ed VHDL simulator for Linux!

Open-source movements get behind GNU EDA tools
November 25, 1998
GPL-based EDA software is under development by at least two volunteer projects: GNU EDA (gEDA), which is working on schematic and board-design tools, and FreeHDL, which is building a VHDL simulator. A small IC CAD vendor, Electric Editor Inc., recently pu...

NT? 'No Thanks,' say pro-Linux rank-and-file
SAN FRANCISCO - Linux advocates had their say at a raucous "Linux vs. NT" public forum at the 35th Design Automation Conference here. But there is a strong and emotional dislike for Windows NT in the chip-design community, where many view Linux as a more ...